Customer Privacy Policy

Customer Details

All we ever require for you to make a standard online booking is a name and a phone number. We do require an email address when taking credit card details so we can send you a tax invoice. Your information will only be used by the restaurant to contact you in relation to your booking, unless you actively opt-in to receive marketing.

Why is a phone number needed?

The phone number is the 'unique' field the system uses to identify you. For example if two people book under the name 'John' we will use the phone the number to identify one 'John' from another.


Restaurants using our table reservation software are expected to adhere to our privacy policy and procedures. If you suspect a restaurant has used your personal information inappropriately please contact us at

Promotions / Marketing / Special-Offers

When you make a table reservation through obee you can choose to opt-in to 'Marketing Offers' when entering your details. It is part of our policy that by default we will never subscribe you to any marketing or promotional material. If you do opt-in to either 'SMS' or 'Email' promotions you will only receive material from the restaurant you are currently booking for. You will not receive any emails from other restaurants unless you opted into their promotional material also. Opt-out: You can opt-out of promotional SMS or email at anytime. All promotional material sent will have instructions at the bottom informing you of how to unsubscribe. If you are having trouble unsubscribing please email us at and we'll happily remove you manually from the restaurants promotions list. (Please provide the phone number you used to make the booking and specify which restaurants you would no longer like to receive promotional material from).
Obee Table Reservations takes your privacy seriously and will not rent or sell your information to other businesses or 3rd parties.

Security Measures

We are predominantly a web-based company and online security is very important to us. We employ a number of techniques to help protect your privacy and ensure reliability for the restaurant owners.


(Secure Socket Layer) is a 'encryption' method used to transfer information securely over the internet. This is the well-proven method and is the same used by banks and online shops when collecting and protecting your data online. We use SSL for all bookings, so your name and phone number, has the best possible protection available.

Image Verification

(CAPTCHA or 'Human Check') is now common practise in online form submission. Some restaurants may have a short 'verification' process during the first step of our booking process. This method ensures that a human is using the form and helps eliminate 'SPAM' or false bookings made by computer 'bots.'